Have you ever said…

“What steps do we have to take to turn this into the house we want?”

“I have all these images on my Pinterest board, but we could never get that kitchen in this house…”

“How much would a renovation cost? They make it seem so affordable (and easy) on HGTV…”

“My contractor’s draftsman ran up a bunch of hours on a design that we don’t even like, so we’ve put the whole renovation on hold. It’s like they were designing for themselves, not listening to what we need…”

Jacek “Jake” Krokowski, RLA, LEED AP - Principal

Jacek “Jake” Krokowski, RLA, LEED AP - Principal

I can help you to solve those problems, and have the comfortable, modern home you dream of.

Hi, Jake with JWK DESIGN here.

I’m proud to share the industry knowledge and design experience I’ve gathered over the last 20 years. I’ve worked on design teams for large international resorts and prominent public projects, most notably the reconstruction of the World Trade Center in New York, but I started my career in residential design.

When I started my family in 2015, the itch to move back to designing with homeowners became stronger, and I started JWK DESIGN to help other families realize their dream of a comfortable, modern home.

I’ve always appreciated the personal connection I have with my clients, just as the families I work with have personal connections to the spaces they eat, sleep and live in every day.

I know that by asking the right questions, understanding the process, and building the right team around you, we can make your next renovation, custom home or landscape project a success.

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